Barbie dolls unborn baby

I’m Burning In My Own Skin

The pain, it burns
It burns so much
It burns away my only luck
Down to the tip of my lungs
Out of my mouth like a sponge
It’s being absorbed into your fingers
All the way up to your mouth till it quivers
Every last spoken word it has ever delivered
To my ears since the very beginning

Every last ounce of me is now being drained
My only thought now is, am I okay?
I am plummeting out of my own skin
Silently yearning for a way out of this place
Theirs no key to the door that I want to explore
I cannot find it anymore now that it’s faded away into my past

Doors shut and slam and close up on me
Everywhere I go, I am being shut out, the light is slowly running out
Just like all the people who have tried to be themselves
Only to be mocked by such tall tales

It burns and burns and burns so slowly
It’s like a knife is being sliced through me
These walls are closing in and I cannot breathe
I am lost inside of my favorite album
The only place I feel less numb
Little music notes trickle down my face
They flow with such ease as though they are there by gods grace
But then they disappear, and I am lost again

I cannot find where the x is, there is no treasure in my ending
Because it burns and burns and burns again
It burns my heart and it burns my hands
I do not feel anymore, this pain has rid of all my chores
So as I lay myself to bed, I turn my switch off and play dead
You don’t know how much that makes my day
Because that is the only time I feel okay
My god, that is the best feeling there is.
To feel nothing, that is…