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photos by matt smith from the Illawarra coast in new south wales of bluebottles, violet snails and blue dragons. 

despite its resemblance to the jellyfish, the bluebottle is more closely related to coral. known as a zooid, the bluebottle (or portugese man of war) is a colonial animal composed of many highly specialized and physiologically integrated individual organisms incapable of independent survival. 

the blue dragon — a type of nudibranch, here no larger than a thumbnail, with its own potent sting — is able to eat the nematocysts (stinging cells) of the bluebottle without discharging them and internally relocate them to the tips of each one of the fingers you can see in the pictures.

for their part, the violet snails also feed on the bluebottles.

notes matt, “despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle is an amazingly beautiful creature. with strong winds, hundreds of these cnidaria are blown into the bays around my home town and trapped overnight.”

this allows him to capture the above shots, which he creates with use of a fluorescent tube in his strobe light and a homemade waterproof lens dome.

(via anthonywun)

I dance with the moonlit shadows, wallowing down my own battle field. 
Here and now is my only way out
let me slice open a bit of your heart
So that I can sew in a piece of my greatest art work. 
Pour some bitter sweet aftermath of sorts
and package it up so delicately
that not even I can break your glass heart. 
Love, this is only the start
you haven’t even found the right door yet
I am locked away inside of a darkened cage that needs some of your light if that’s okay…